FeedAdult v2.0

RSS Management Script

Increase Traffic and Increase Profits!...

Deliver fresh content and news to your webmasters, members, and the world!

FeedAdult is an intuitive script allowing sponsors and affiliates alike
to easily and quickly generate bulk RSS feeds containing FHG's and other promo
material. Affiliates can login to the sponsor version and quickly create an RSS feed
with products and their tracking ID's for syndication on their blogs, portals, hubs,
forums, and more! With one click, affiliates get automatically updated, fresh content
to easily parse on their sites.

All sponsors have to do is make it happen! Increase
traffic and increase profits with FeedAdult, the ultimate RSS management tool!

For webmasters, the standalone Webmaster Edition allows them to bulk import FHG’s
from any sponsor for display on their blogs, or any site using the built-in parser.

What exactly is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication," and at its heart is a series of simple text
files containing XML tags. This extremely powerful format is used by everyone from
Google to syndicate their ad inventory to publishers, to surfers who add their favorite
blogs to newsreaders such as My Yahoo or Pluck. Specifically within e-commerce,
XML feeds in RSS format are used to give affiliates a complete list of products with
tags for price, product description, brand, and if FeedAdult is used, product promo
images as well.

Search Engines and the Power of RSS

RSS feeds by definition indicate constantly updated fresh content, exactly what SE
spiders are hungry for. Publishers and blog owners can “ping” their RSS feeds to
news aggregators such as, one of Yahoo’s recent acquisitions. By pinging
your RSS feed, you ensure that spiders will see that you’ve updated your site and
follow the feed back to its source, making sure your latest post gets indexed.
Contrast that to traditional static HTML pages which do not have the luxury of
alerting spiders that they have been updated.

FeedAdult: An Easy, Yet Powerful RSS Solution for the Adult Industry

FeedAdult comes fully supported and is completely functional out-of-the-box. With
the Easy Import feature, a sponsor can import years of FHG’s into the script within
minutes. Affiliates can then login, select and modify the niche feed they want, and in
seconds they have a fully functional RSS feed. They can then add this to their blogs,
portals, hubs, or forums. If they want, FeedAdult automatically generates a
downloadable script they can use on their own sites to easily parse the feeds and
display them however they want. With FeedAdult RSS feeds, entire networks of
automatically updated blogs can be built in seconds!

The advantages summed up:

  • Using this tool will allow you to create webpages that update for you, without any maintainence
  • Deliver fresh content and news to your webmasters, members
  • Paysite owners & webmasters using RSS as a communication vehicle are able to create keyword-rich, themed content, establishing trust, reputation, and ongoing communication with current and prospective customers
  • Syndicate free hosted galleries, freesites, and movies with title, description, and image
  • Increase search engine traffic
  • Generate more profit!

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